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Delete all Messages bug?

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Delete all Messages bug?
Heya guys,

I find the "delete all messages" feature a little confusing. I think the idea is great but the implementation, and the different buttons makes it hard to to explain for users (who may not be very web savvy) what to do.

I've played around with it a bit on this forum and now when I go back all my "keep" check-boxes are constantly checked. I un-select them all, leave the messages area, come back and they're checked again! Is this a bug or a feature that I don't understand?

Safe swoops
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Re: [sangiro] Delete all Messages bug? In reply to
In order to save the kept/unkept status, you need to hit the "Keep/Delete Messages" button at the bottom of the list. When you return, any messages you have kept will be checked, so that you can uncheck them (and hit "Keep/Delete Messages") to stop saving them from deletion.

Jason Rhinelander
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