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Custom search field?

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Custom search field?
I've created a keywords field for posts. Is there a way to add this as a search field without touching Search.pm, or should I just go in there and add it?

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Antwort: [agaffin] Custom search field? In reply to
i guess,

you must set the field added by Gforum admin interface and set the SEARCH WEIGHT to be 3 ( just biger than 1). it will be work!

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Re: [tsingson] Antwort: [agaffin] Custom search field? In reply to
Thanks, done that. What I'm looking for, though, is a way to limit the search to just that field, similar to the way you can now limit a search to just the author - ideally without having to touch Search.pm (seems simple enough to add a new search field in there, but I'm trying to limit the amount of hacking I do in files like that because I just hate having to do it all over again with an upgrade).
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Re: [agaffin] Antwort: [agaffin] Custom search field? In reply to
In order to do this, you need to remove the search weight from the post_subject and post_message fields. Since these columns are protected (in order to keep people from accidentally editing or deleting them), you need to work around the table editor a little bit to change them. Going to http://yoursite/yourforum/admin/db.cgi?db=User&do=editor_columns&modify=post_subject will let you edit the post subject; change post_subject for post_message for the body.

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