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Custom guest usernames linking to error pages

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Custom guest usernames linking to error pages
Hi. I've got GForum setup to allow guest posters to enter a username, but for some reason that name is appearing as the "most recent poster" in the category list. When you click on the link for that name in the forum view or in the post itself, it links to the "Guest" profile, but the "most recent poster" link in the category listing leads to an error message:

Username whatevertheyentered does not exist.

Presumably I did something wrong setting up the template, but I'm not quite sure how to fix it and since the forum is "live" I don't want to screw anything up...

Thanks for any advice or assistance.

Best regards,

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Re: [adamuforestasan] Custom guest usernames linking to error pages In reply to
Hi Adam,

We've fixed the problem up and updated the 1.1.6 package available for download - just download it again from our site and "upgrade" and the problem should disappear as soon as the next post is made to the forum.

Jason Rhinelander
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