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Category invisible ....

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Category invisible ....
for users who are not members of a forum in this Category.

How do I realize that?

What I have is:

A Category for employees
a Category for customers.

What I want is, that customers do not see the employees Category.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: [MarkBT] Category invisible .... In reply to
Categories are not tied to groups in the admin panel -- only forums.

You can create a group via the admin panel, add your employees to it and then for each forum they should have access to mark the new employee group with whatever access (i.e. read/reply/post) and guests and registered users with "no access". These group settings are at the bottom of the forum modify page in the admin panel. They will see the category header but will not see any of the forums within.

This is the only secure way I have found to do this.