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Can't open file: 'gforum_Guest.MYD'

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Can't open file: 'gforum_Guest.MYD'

I often has the following error message
MySQL said: Can't open file: 'forum_Guest.MYD'. (errno: 145).

So I searched into this forum to get a solution... I have found one telling that I should repair the gforum_Guest table :
repair table forum_Guest

When I do this, it don't have the "MySQL said: Can't open file: 'forum_Guest.MYD'. (errno: 145). " error message anymore...

Bu my server crash !!!! (it becomes very very slow and finally it crash...).... before the crash I have done a ps auxw via shell to find the problematic process... anf I have found the each time my server is very very slow is because /usr/bin/perl gforum.cgi takes a lot of CPU

Any idea, is it a mysql problem... an other problem... ???