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Can't delete posts

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Can't delete posts
I'm currently evaluating the Gossamer Threads Forum, but I have a problem with

deleting posts. When I click on the delete button, I get a blank HTML document.......

I have checked that the file "post_delete_confirm.html" is in the filesystem (myhost\cgi-bin\admin\templates\default\post_delete_confirm.html), and the file permisions are: -rw-rw-rw-

What could be wrong here.............?

Thanks for any help :)


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Re: [Rally64] Can't delete posts In reply to
Hi John,

Can you check the server's error log to see if an error message is coming up? Also, if you View Source on the page, is it completely blank, or does it have some partial output? Thirdly, when you delete a post here (try the Testing Forum) does it work?

Jason Rhinelander
Gossamer Threads
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Re: [Jagerman] Can't delete posts In reply to
Hi, I did like you said and looked at the View Code but it was blank too..........and the server error logs didn't say anything..........

I had a feeling that I had messed up some things during first time install or during the translation....
So, I decided to delete files/database and reinstall
the Forum.

After reinstalling the forum, deleting posts works fine.......