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Can't delete globals....

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Can't delete globals....
Hi All

Just hoping someone may be able to help me out here, i have been trying to delete some globals and certain things like <body font> etc as i do not need them within the global vars in the admin.

But everytime i click on one of the check boxes to delete and then press the submit button it tells me that my changes have been saved however the globals etc still show.

I am not sure if the permissions are right or what just hoping someone may be able to shed some light on why i can't delete entries in the global vars.

Thanks before hand.



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Re: [mekro] Can't delete globals.... In reply to
I had the same problem in Links SQL admin.
Globals can not be deleted. I have to delete them manually, but this is not advised to anybody, who don't know perl well.

Jagerman, should I post to the LSQL forum, too, or do you tell to the LSQL staff?

Best regards,

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