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Bug or not a Bug?

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Bug or not a Bug?
With the way my installation has been going lately, I'm not sure of anything.

Every other day (or so) I go in to the admin interface, hit "E-mail", "Selected Users", search for non-validated users, load an e-mail template, and send my gentle reminder message off.

Of course the message isn't actually sent, despite the form submission button label "Send Email". You're taken to another screen where past mass mail tasks are listed and you can now initiate the current one.

Now I'm getting the attached error after sending the e-mail from this page. The mail does get sent...I just don't get the little result page showing your task progress.

I have a Win2000 server setup, 1.1.8, and am using smtp server for my e-mail configuration.

So, bug or not a bug?

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ArmyAirForces: Sep 14, 2002, 7:13 AM
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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Bug or not a Bug? In reply to

Do you have terminal service access? If so, can you try sending from command prompt? Type:

perl nph-email.cgi 123

where 123 is the ID of the mailing you want to send (this is why it's a two step process, queue the mailing first, then send it).


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Re: [Alex] Bug or not a Bug? In reply to
к сожалению нет

I'm on a hosted win package, they never give you that kind of access.

The mail is going out BTW, that little results page just won't display.