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Bizzare ..whole 'attachement' bar disapeared

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Bizzare ..whole 'attachement' bar disapeared
Now this is really strange....
I just noticed that my Forum no longer is showing the bar across the bottom of the 'post' editor
to include an attachment! I just went through al lthe admin stuff.... and attachments are
allowed and I even 'up'ed' the size/space allotments .
BUT the entire bar across the bottom for including an attachment with the post is simply
not showing up!

Is there something I need to check in the templates? (something to edit) Shouldn't this simply be
a 'admin -> Forums -> 'List All' -> Modify... and I should be able to turn on/off whether that
Forum accepts attachments right? The Admin -> Setup -> Attachments says all is well with plenty of space avail for uploads.

What is going on??? HHHHEEELLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!
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Re: [ptegler] Bizzare ..whole 'attachement' bar disapeared In reply to
I had the same thing happen and this was the cause: (Too bad for my users it took me 6 months to notice)

There is a setting in Setup > Attachment Settings


Your maximum number of post attachments has been met, either increase the number or use a value of 0 to allow unlimited attachments.

It would be nice if the forum emailed or private messaged the admin when this limit is met.

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