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Backing up data files?

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Backing up data files?
tar czpf /home/backup/gforum_data.tar.gz /home/wm/cgi-bin/forum/admin/attachments /home/wm/cgi-bin/forum/admin/defs /home/wm/cgi-bin/forum/admin/GForum/Config/Data.pm

I've been using this code, but wasn't sure if I'd read somewhere that certain files had been moved about. Is the above cronjob ok for backing up all necessary data files?

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Re: [wickedmoon] Backing up data files? In reply to
That'll do it - though if you want to include any template customizations, you might want to add /home/wm/cgi-bin/forum/admin/templates/*/local/

Also keep in mind that you need database backups in addition to the above.

Jason Rhinelander
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