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Authentification / Login from another server

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Authentification / Login from another server
Our user database sits on another server (W2K) and contains username and password for each user. The same username and password is available on our linux machine where GForum runs.

Currently I am developing a script so that users do not have to login on the linux machine after they already have logged in on the W2K-machine. The parameters user_username and user_password will be passed to the linux machine through the url in an embedded iframe-tag.

With this information I am already able to check on the linux machine if the user exists and if the password fits. But I do not know what other information GForums would need for an authentification so that the user can discuss without login again.

What does the script after submitting the login form in GForums? I need this information so that I am able to rebuild it and set cookies or session ids if needed so that the user does not have to login a second time.

Any idea?

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