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Authentication module in GForum..

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Authentication module in GForum..
Hi... think this question is more appropriate in here.

Frown I am a newbie to perl programming. So having install GForum, I am impressed. However, I was wondering if GForum authentication system can be authenticate against other database. Could I just directly edit the Authenticate.pm? Is it possible?? Can someone help me?? Then I have seen that GForum do have a plugin system, so can it be done by adding a plugin to the script?? Thankszz.. Tongue


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Re: [csbear] Authentication module in GForum.. In reply to

Yes, using a plugin is definitely recommended over directly editing the modules. You'll find a Wizard in the admin panel Plugin menu that can create a plugin "shell" code for you. As for overriding the various authentication subroutines, this is quite easy - the authentication plugin "hooks" are all named the same as the subroutine. So, for example, if you wanted to add to or replace the "auth_valid_user" code, you would set up a "auth_valid_user" plugin hook. If you set up a PRE hook, your plugin will be called before auth_valid_user, and a post hook would be called after. The authentication functions themselves generally have some documentation on what is passed into them, what they do, and what they return in GForum/Authenticate.pm above each subroutine.

Try creating a plugin through the Wizard - the generated code has some comments that may also be helpful.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Authentication module in GForum.. In reply to
thanks for your advice...Smile

at first, i tried to edit the authenticate.pm but once i changed it, everything doesn't work anymore. anyway, i will try writing a plugin in this case.. a million thanks..