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Ask an Export Forum, looking for ideas?

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Ask an Export Forum, looking for ideas?
I was hoping some of the folks here that have been using GForum for various could possibly help me out with some ideas.

I have been wanting to set up an "Ask an Expert" type function on my website for some time. In several months of "thinking" about it I have yet to come up with a good way to handle this without writing something from scratch (which I really don't want to do).

It strikes me that using a GForum forum would work well, but I'm not quite sure how it would be managed. The best I can think of is to set up a form external to GForum for visitors to submit questions, which I then review and add to the ask an expert forum if they are appropriate. Each of my experts could be subscribers to that forum so that they get a daily digest of any questions posted and can go in and respond to the questions that are in their area of expertise.

I have considered allowing users to post questions directly to the forum, but I already get some pretty goofy (and innappropriate) questions which I don't want cluttering up the forum.

Anyway, that's the best I can come up with so far. Any body have any bright ideas?

thanks in advance,
Michael Coyne
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