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Advert code

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Advert code
The following code works on a blank html page but when added to GForum just creates a broken image. I am placing this in Include_header


<IFRAME SRC="http://domain/cgi-bin/ads.pl?iframe;member=doubleclick" MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 HSPACE=0 VSPACE=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 SCROLLING=NO WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60><A HREF="http://domain/cgi-bin/ads.pl?member=doubleclick;banner=NonSSI;page=99" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://domain/cgi-bin/ads.pl?member=doubleclick;page=99" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60></A></IFRAME>
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Re: [balita] Advert code In reply to

Hmm, not sure. Is there a problem with the domains? i.e. using an iframe to reference something on a different domain? Don't see why the forum would mess that up.. Check for anything in the error logs.


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