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Admin Templates

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Admin Templates
Tongue I've read that it's not the 'safest' thing to do...but how do I get the ADMIN templates to show up in the editor?

I want to re-arrange how and where some of the settings are displayed (combine templates?) but want them 'backed-up' like the default and default_top etc directories.

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Re: [ptegler] Admin Templates In reply to
Well, there's a couple hacks you could use to do this, one involving changing code, one not.

First, to do this in the code, you would change sub template_dir_select in GForum/Tools.pm. There is a line:

next if $_ eq '.' or $_ eq '..' or $_ eq 'admin' or $_ eq 'CVS' or not -d "$dir/$_";

You need to remove the "or $_ eq 'admin'" part.

The second way is nicer because it will keep working after upgrading, but will only work on unix systems - it involves making a symlink (something like "admin_editable") of the admin template directory. From the admin/templates/ directory:

ln -s admin admin_editable

(Hint: You can use Fileman for pseudo-shell access if you do not have telnet or SSH access).

Editing templates will still automatically create the local directory, allowing you to restore or request a diff if you accidentally change too much.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Admin Templates In reply to
Smile Beautiful! ...I used the ln (2nd option) at the command line. Wink