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Admin Moderator?

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Admin Moderator?
I want to move messages placed in the wrong forums, but I don't want to show as moderator for those forums. I was hoping there was a Admin user that had rights to do that. Is there? I can't seem to figure it out.
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Re: [OnlineMlm] Admin Moderator? In reply to

Sorry, can you rephrase that a bit? I'm not sure I understand what you mean. If you are an admin, you should be able to move a message to any forum.


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Re: [OnlineMlm] Admin Moderator? In reply to
A user with status "Administrator" has moderator permissions for all forums, but does not show up as a moderator unless they are specifically made a moderator. For example, take this forum - Alex has permissions to move any post from any forum, but he does not show up on any forum as a moderator.

Don't worry about the admin panel - its authentication is completely seperate from GForum and is handled by Apache. An "Administrator" does not (necessarily) have admin panel access.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Alex] Admin Moderator? In reply to
Sure.. sorry.. What I am seeing is this.

I have a user that is Moderator of forum A. The Move selection is available when they look at messages in Forum A. When they do a move, pick a forum to move the message to, and submit, they get the following:

"Oops! You are not authorized to view that page. "

If I make them a moderator of the target forum they can move successfully.


It must be some setting I have wrong somewhere but I still can't figure it out.