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Admin Center suggestions

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Admin Center suggestions
I think it would be a nice feature to have a link directly to your board from the Admin Control Panel. If it already is there, it's not obvious...lol.

Also, one feature that I didn't like in LinksSQL and I don't like it in this forum software is that if you want to edit a category or forum in the Admin Control panel, you have to remember its name or number. Having a drop down list would be great. Or you could set it up to print out a list on the page when you click Edit Forums of all the forums with the link "Edit This Forum" next to each.

Also, when creating a forum or category, it's kinda confusing to have that sort order option there (but it is a nice feature to set its sort order at the beginning, so I don't suggest taking it out). I just wish there was something that you could see visibly to know what the sort order of your previous forums was, so you'd know where to put the new one.

Overall a great forum software even in Beta. The main problem I have is that it is even slower than my flatfile based forum software. Some optimization is still required IMHO.

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OmarSerenity: Oct 13, 2001, 12:44 AM
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