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Adding Demographics to User Sign Up.

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Adding Demographics to User Sign Up.
We need to add some demographics fields to the User Sgn Up page. Not sure how to do this through Admin. Can someone tell us how to add Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone etc. and we also need to add a couple of drop down selection lists that ask for Primary Employer and Primary Job Function.

We've searched the forums and can't find the answer.

Richard Bilger
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Re: [RBilger] Adding Demographics to User Sign Up. In reply to
Hi Richard,

Any columns you want to add to the User table (which all user information is stored) can be done from Your Admin Panel -> Tools -> Table Editor -> User. Any columns you add (for example, a "user_phone") can now be added as <input type=text> form fields in the "user_signup.html" template.

For example, let's say you add "user_phone", you would add something like this to the page (positioned however you like):

<input type="text" name="user_phone" value="<%if user_phone%><%user_phone%><%endif%>">

It's probably best to copy and paste from one of the fields already on the page. When a user fills out the form, the information they enter will be saved.

You'll probably also want to add the options to the "user_profile_basic.html" template so that they can change their information later.

Jason Rhinelander
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