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AOL verification link

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AOL verification link
Since AOL users (poor suckers) have problems with standard links in e-mail, I've tried to add an AOL friendly link. I found from last time around the majority of my validation failures were AOL customers.

So can somebody tell me if there will be a problem with this in the forum validation e-mail template?

I'm waiting on some of my AOL e-mail list subscribers to test it out, but they're not as savvy as you folks Cool

p.s. I see our error after "code" on posts is still around.

AOL members please use this:<A HREF="<%cgi_root_url%>/gforum.cgi?
do=user_validate&validate=<%validate_code%>">AOL Users Click Here
to Verify Membership</A>

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HeavyBombers: Apr 5, 2002, 4:42 PM
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Re: [HeavyBombers] AOL verification link In reply to
FYI: The verfication template had no trouble with the AOL link wrapped around the validate code.

Other forum operators might consider this if they have large AOL audiences.