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1.2.0 Release schedule?

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Re: [Jagerman] 1.2.0 Release schedule? In reply to
It's mainly new features and bug fixes.

Will it have the ability to delete an individual users posts? Will it have a check box select to delete certain posts at will forum by forum?

What are the upgrades and new features for the delete option? I know you said you will release it soon, but I still have not seen it. This feels like never ending foreplay.. which is not all bad Cool... it's the teasing of great things to follow with no results that sucks.

I need 2 more GTForums --- yesterday, but I have decided to wait for the new release. I'd surely give up many of the 'toy' features of the GTForum, and have the ability to have a better delete options - which are extremely important to any moderated or un-moderated froum. Especially a forum that is designed and built to grow and expand.

Surely someone has to agree with this.
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