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[bug] Tracking User IP /w proxy + Solution

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[bug] Tracking User IP /w proxy + Solution
I'm running my mod_perl server (apache 1.3.24 .. the work horse) behind my front end server (apache 2.0.36) using mod_proxy and noticed that it does not track the end users ip address properly in this case. I solved the problem by adding this as the first line of gforum.cgi:


This works fine but there might be a better way to handle this in the long run. Just an FYI for future releases.
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Re: [onetimeposter] [bug] Tracking User IP /w proxy + Solution In reply to

We recommend using a mod_perl handler to fix the ip address. This will make REMOTE_ADDR contain the real ip for all programs, not just Gossamer Forum. See:


which shows the mod_perl handler you should use.


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