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[Suggestion]Who's Online - Location

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[Suggestion]Who's Online - Location
In Location, Please add which forum the user in.
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Re: [backdream] [Suggestion]Who's Online - Location In reply to
yeah! good idea !

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Re: [backdream] [Suggestion]Who's Online - Location In reply to
This was asked a while back and Jason said he didn't like people spying on him.

I think an admin option would be fine.

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Paul: Sep 9, 2002, 2:38 AM
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Re: [Paul] [Suggestion]Who's Online - Location In reply to
So what happens when the user A is part of say five different groups and that user B who is looking the user A up is only part of one.
Do you display to user B all the groups user A is part of or just confirm that user A is in the same group as him.

I feel that displaying all groups to someone that is not part of the other groups could have perverse effects in a forum.

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My vote would be to make it an admin option, as I don't think I would use it on my forum. I think the who's online is spying enough and it may deter some users from coming on line, or force them to go hidden. Just my opinion.

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Re: [Jag] [Suggestion]Who's Online - Location In reply to
Hi John,

It's not groups, but rather more detail on the last URL the person clicked on. So if the person was viewing Gossamer Forum Discussion, this would be reflected in the Who's Online. You could even narrow it down to the exact post the person is reading. =) If this was to be added, it would definitely be an option.


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