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Think there is a problem. Have a look at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...gforum.cgi?forum=23;, and you should see a message by RedRum called "1 NEW". However, there is a message next to it saying "Unknown Tag: 'post_thread_views'" (where the number should be).

Seen this before, or is it just a freaky thing? If you cant see what I mean, then i took a screen shot. Have a look at the attachment for it.

Andy (mod)
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EDIT: I have now refreshed the page 3 times, and even closed/opened the browser. I'm not sure it is just a freeky thing now Crazy

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AndyNewby: Nov 3, 2001, 10:04 AM
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Re: [AndyNewby] <%post_thread_views%> In reply to
No, it was definately a problem. Apparently at some point during the night before last, our database had some problems and a post may have taken a long time to post - so long that the process would have ended before it was completed. MySQL still had it, so it did the insert, but the subsequent inserts into the PostView and Ancestor tables did not get to.

I wrote a repair script and ran it - it should be okay now.

Jason Rhinelander
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