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phpBB Import Plugin...
Its finally here... a phpBB import plugin! Its nothing fancy, but it shouldn't have any problems importing your posts, categories, forums and users. Details can be found here;


I spent a *long* time getting this working, but I think its finally here.

This Plugin is FREE, so please don't ask me for loads of feature additions. I seriously can't devote any more time to this Plugin (I was seriously considering just releasing it "as-is", and then let someone else fix up the father_id bug... I worked that out though (eventually), so now I don't need too :)


Andy (mod)
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Andy: May 7, 2004, 6:40 AM
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Re: [Andy] phpBB Import Plugin... In reply to
Hello Andy

Thats great!

I hope you still a long time in this Forum.

greeting hoefti
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