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mod_perl, mysql and kHTTPd

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mod_perl, mysql and kHTTPd
does anybody here use kHTTPd with mod_perl?

under mod_perl, each normal httpd request (image files etc) will use a mysql connection, although it doesn't do anything, but really waste connections and memory.
kHTTPd handles only static web-pages only, it will take care of all image/html/zip files and pass .pl/.cgi files to apache mod_perl, so it may save some resources if your forum has lots of images.
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Re: [iw0nder] mod_perl, mysql and kHTTPd In reply to
You can have the same setup with apache and mod_perl. All "light" pages (i.e. html, images, etc) are handled by a normal apache server, only the .cgi or .pl are passed on (through a proxy server) to a mod_perl enabled apache server.

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