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mailarc delima
I am currently using mailarc to post news articles into my forum. Some of the messages that have been posted contain unsubscribe information -- to include a link that contains the mailarc email address. I would like to prevent that from being displayed - to prevent others from spamming that address and filling the forum with junk mail.

After thinking about it, I think the easiest answer would be to add the e-mail addresses to the list of banned words... I just can not find that section in the admin console.
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Re: [shiner] mailarc delima In reply to
I'm not aware of a banned words area for GF. There is a Swears plugin written by Paul. I have also seen a word replacement scheme written by Alex using Text Replacement found in MARKUP tab in the admin panel.
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Re: [bretzke] mailarc delima In reply to
Great! Thanks for the tip. I searched for swear by Paul and found his post on the plugin. He responded very quickly and posted the tar file.

At the moment this is working to solve the problem. I am working through another problem with HTML mark-up, but that is covered in another post.

Thank you!