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include virtual
when i add, for example,
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/forum/admin/recent.cgi" -->
i get no result.

it seems that 'include virtual' doesn't work for any script included in category_list.html.

is that normal ?
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Re: [jigme] include virtual In reply to

SSI can be a tricky little number to deal with but I suspect your parent to child path is not valid, SSI will only work off the current folder (parent) and subfolders, you cannot physically jump to another url to insert content i.e your cgi is up two (maybe 3) paths I suspect which simply doesn't work. Also it may be that you cannot call it as it could compromise server security.

There is a little utility called ssi.cgi which might help (various places on the net)

You are probably facing 2 options, use a java script to include the file or frames.