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how to install MailArc ?

can someone explain me what to do to install the MailArc plugin.

as i don t have access to the sendmail aliases files, i must follow this instruction :

"If you do not have the level of control to make changes to the "aliases" file or are under a different system, the "archive.pl" script runs as a mail pipe accepting emails from STDIN and places emails into the forum indicated by the --forum=id value. Contact your system administrator for the best option. "

and then

"You may use MailArc to pull out all emails from a POP3 account and archive them into your GForum. The command below should be run directly from your command line or should be set up as a cron job:

archive.pl --forum=x --pop-host=your_pop_host --pop-user=your_pop_user --pop-pass=your_pop_pass

>>> how should i 'run from my command line', what is it ?

>>> should i copy the code above in a specific file ? in archive.pl ?

Thanks if you can help


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jigme: Aug 3, 2002, 11:22 AM
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Re: [jigme] how to install MailArc ? In reply to

I have a similar problem on my side...

I tried several ways and could not get it to work..

If one of GT staff can give us some help tat will be great.

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Re: [katabd] how to install MailArc ? In reply to
I've got this working. You have to do this from a Linux command line...in FileMan or by Telneting in to your site. I haven't got the cron file working quite yet, but script works great from the command line. Can anyone help me with the CRON/CRONTAB function in Linux?


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Re: [bretzke] how to install MailArc ? In reply to
I actually figured out my problem with the cron/crontab....but I do have another!

A variation on the above, I would like MailArc to replace the FROM email address to a standard username like 'Listserv' during the import/parsing stage. Can this be done? I think I can replace it in a template, but the accounts will still be built, etc.

Any expert opinion?