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gforum using xoops user database

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gforum using xoops user database
I'd like to make Gossamer Forum authenticate and manage users in the Xoops user database.
sql field name changes and database differences aside my idea is to make a Plugin that replaces all necesarry functions in GF.

Can this be done with plug-ins only? Is there any core code in GT that would need to be changed in order to achieve this?


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Re: [webconferencia] gforum using xoops user database In reply to
You should be able to do this primarily using hooks on the functions in GForum::Authenticate. This should, however, be possible without any core GForum changes - though you'll want to make sure that all the user columns are still present. This would probably be best done by using Xoops for the authentication, then selecting a row from the Gossamer Forum User table for the $USER hash reference.

Jason Rhinelander
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