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Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald!

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Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald!
I have installed Yogi's poll. Yogi, I have to say, the poll is a great idea and I know it works just fine. But for a person that has limited code abilities such as myself - the instructions are so very vague that I feared if I didn't write for help, I would be bald soon from pulling out my hair.

I have set a forum up where people can come and create a poll and also vote (they do not have to be registered members to create a poll and/or vote - nor do they have to be in any group). Trouble is, when I go to set the permissions, the instructions are so unclear that it just frustrates me (which is usually is a good thing when I'm frustrated )

Here are the settings table from the plugin manager [edit] screen:
Permissions for voting in a poll (see "About" for details)
poll_vote_permission ?? Permissions for writing a new poll (see "About" for details) poll_write_permission ?? Permissions for editing new poll (see "About" for details) poll_edit_permission ??

Here are the fields to create a new poll:

Forum ID ?? Group ID ?? Poll Permissions ____

With the scenario I have described above, what values should I use based on your permission codes below:

As an administrator, you can edit the permissions for polls. The four levels of permissions for polls are
  • none = 0
  • may vote = 1
  • may write polls = 2
  • may edit/disable polls = 3

By default, the permissions for polls are related to the permission of a user in a forum. The list of usergroup/forum permissions are
  • banned = -1
  • none = 0
  • view forum = 1
  • view list of posts = 2
  • read posts = 3
  • reply to posts = 4
  • post messages = 5
  • moderators = 6

Can you help me? If you fill in the values that are necessary, I'd be eternally grateful. Wink


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Re: [sophiabarton] Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald! In reply to
Hey Spyder! Smile

If people don't have to belong to a group then simply don't set up any groups. Remember, the polls adopt the permissions of your users for a specific forum.

So for example:

If you want all users who can read posts in a forum to vote in a your polls then set:
poll_vote_permission = 3 ( 3 is the forum permission setting to read posts)

If you want all users who can post messages to a forum to be allowed to also create a poll then set:
poll_write_permission = 5 ( 5 is the forum permission setting to post messages)

If you also want to allow anyone who can post messages to a forum to edit their polls then set:
poll_edit_permission = 5

If for example you only want moderators to be able to edit a poll afterwards set:
poll_edit_permission = 6 ( 6 is the forum permission setting to moderators)

See if that works and let me know.

With these settings, add the Post Poll buttons and the users should be able to create polls. Now, if you for example only want registered users to be able to create polls in a specific forum then you should only allow registered users to post to that forum as well. The poll will adopt the forum permissions for a user and you have effectively said that:

poll_write_permission (poll permission) = post messages (forum permission) (#5)

The permissions below are really only needed for groups and you said you don't want to set up a group.. so just ignore these. This is what is confusing!
(none = 0, may vote = 1, may write polls = 2, may edit/disable polls = 3)

Hope this helps... umm.. and I hope I got it right seeing as it's a while since I've set up mine and I remember it being confusing as well. Hell, I could have it completely upside down but I'm sure if that's the case someone will sooner call me an idiot and set you straight! Tongue

Safe swoops

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sangiro: Apr 12, 2003, 12:53 AM
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Re: [sangiro] Yogi's Poll... I'm Going Bald! In reply to
Thank you Sangiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your long wind! Blush