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Way of checking what condition matches what condition?

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Way of checking what condition matches what condition?

Man, I'm driving myself nuts trying to clean up a GForum template (the post include one, but its been heavily modified)

I'm trying to work out what conditions match up with what. So far, I've managed to clean it up quite a bit (making it so its more obvious which tag matches which, via indenting and commenting). However, I'm at a hurdle with another part of it - and its driving me bonkers.

I tried using EditPlus, with the "Match Brace" thing, as well as Frontpages tagging system, but it just refuses to help me.

Basically, I need some way of entering the template code - clicking on one of the tags, and then it showing me the matching (and/or related block), so I can see what/if it needs more indenting etc.

Is there anything around like this? 564 lines of code doesn't sound like much to work on - but I've been cleaning it up for over 4 hours now, and its still only 2/3 done :(


Andy (mod)
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