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Watched Thread Notification

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Watched Thread Notification
Heya all,

My users seem to like the idea of being able to "watch" threads but at the same time seem to constantly annoyed by the fact that they receive an e-mail every time a watched thread gets posted to.

I was wondering if notification of new posts to their watched threads couldn't be done in a similar way as PMs. A notification on the main page if there are new posts to threads you are watching. Click on that, your list of watched threads come op with all the ones with new posts marked.

Then (just like with PMs) give users the ability to choose in their settings if they want to receive an e-mail when a new post is done to their watched thread.

This latter part will be a good addition regardless. I find that often people try to use the watched threads functionality more as a "bookmarking" facility rather than a notification service. Jason - want to take this one on board? Smile


Safe swoops