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Remove "none" from post icons

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Remove "none" from post icons
Can "none" be removed from the post icons and replaced with a default icon?

I noticed in include_post_html_common_write.html there is a line that displays:

<%GForum::Post::icons('with blank')%>

so is there a "without blank" option?
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Re: [MJB] Remove "none" from post icons In reply to
Try just removing the 'with blank' string.

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Re: [brewt] Remove "none" from post icons In reply to
No, that didn't work.

It's something to do with:

<%loop icons%><% -- The first loop contains nothing - it is used for a "none" option -- %>
<td><table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr valign="middle">
<td align=right><input type="radio" name="post_icon" onActivate="updateTab(this.value)"<%if first%> tabindex=5<%endif%> value="<%unless first%><%icon_filename%><%endunless%>"<%if not first and post_icon eq $icon_filename%> checked<%elsif first and not post_icon%> checked<%endif%>></td>
<td align=left><%if first%><%body_font%><small>none</small><%/body_font%><%else%><img src="<%image_url%>/<%icon_filename%>"><br><%endif%></td>

I'm trying to replace none with <%image_url%>/icon1.gif.

I'll have another look at it later when I have more time. Wink