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adding columns to user profile (database and templates)

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adding columns to user profile (database and templates)

I was wondering if someone could provide a starting point for this change I would like to make on the User Profile. I basically want to add a few more fields to the user's profile, ie: add in "my pet's name", "where i was born", etc.

I've already updated the table with new columns via the Admin UI >> Tools >> User

1. Is there a way to automatically regenerate the templates/default/user_profile_basic.html file?

2. Do I have to modify the GForum::User package ? or based on the fields coming in thru the form, it will be updated?

I guess I'm gonna manually edit the template file thru the Admin UI and go from there. But just wanted to know if I was on the right track or whether there was a better way to do this.

Thanks, ws

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Re: [wwwsomething] making changes to user profile In reply to
alright, so manually updating the templates with the field inputs worked. i can click on save changes and things go well. wondering if there is a way to have the form regenerate based on what is filled out in the Admin UI >> Tools >> User screen.

I want to add a select box with like a 100 options. Just wondering what the purpose of the Tools >> User screen "Form Values (Displayed on Form) Only for checkbox, multi-select or radio forms." section is for. Looks like it is gathering data to generate the appropriate form entity, but forms dont get regenerated. So wondering if this is a bug? or I'm just not doing this correctly.

Thanks for any input.
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Re: [wwwsomething] making changes to user profile In reply to
Some more questions on using custom fields I've added to the User table. After filling in "Form Type" "Form Display" "Form Names" and "Form Values", how do I utilize these new data in let's say, the user_profile_basic.html template file?

I know I can use <% new_column_name %> to get the value. But I want to use the names/values I put into the "Add Column" section to build out the form select box.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.