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PMManager - Give it a test!

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PMManager - Give it a test!
Just so you guys know... I've been working on a plugin, called PMManager.

Basically, this will enable you to "sort" your PM's into folders, and also do searches (subject, message body, and even by username).

You can give it a go here: http://ultranerds.com/...cgi?do=message_list;

Please note, that this is our LIVE FORUM ... so don't go spamming people with loads of test PM's... otherwise I'll be forced to remove it from the site, and setup a seperate demo install (I would rather not have to do this).

There are a TON of cool features in this plugin. I've been in the process, over the last week or so, in getting a copy of this plugin running on a live site (and when I say live, I really do mean LIVE <G>).

It all seems ok... but we are just going through the very final bug fixes, and then its ready for a release :)

Price: $100 (if you already own some of our plugins, then a deal can be worked out ... just shoot me an email). Please note, this is NOT included in the ULTRA Package, as its not a LinksSQL plugin ... sorry guys Frown (it will be available i the ULTRA Package PRO, which I'm hoping to get setup next week sometime).

NOTE: You need GForum 1.2.3 to run this correctly.


Andy (mod)
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