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New Plugin - Search Links2 and GForum

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New Plugin - Search Links2 and GForum
I am working on a plugin called SiteSearch that allows you to search GForum and Links2 at the same time. As in the GForum search, you can search for "All Words", "Any Word", and "As a Phrase".

At the moment, the admin configurable options are (apart from the templates of course): number of results displayed, path to links.cfg.

You can see the present version in action at my site, http://www.iyengar-yoga.com/forum/sitesearch.cgi.
Try searching for anything, iyengar and yoga produce many results.

Before I release the plugin I would like to have some reactions about the following things:

a) any suggestions for improvements (in particular, what admin configurable options would you like to see, what options configurable on the search page).

b) Would you be willing to pay for the plugin? Ideally, I would like to give it away for non-profit sites and charge a small amount for other sites (like GForum licence).

For my own site, I will extend the plugin so that also pages indexed by the ht://dig search engine are searched, but that requires too much site specific configuration to be included it in the plugin (at the moment).

I would love to make a SiteSearch plugin for Links SQL and GForum, but unfortunately, I don't have the money for a Links SQL licence. If anyone wants to give me their version for developping, I'd be happy (if it's OK with GT staff). If you buy me Links SQL, you'll get the plugin for free Wink

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