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Modification/Plug-in challenge

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Modification/Plug-in challenge
What would it take to control of the display depth of individual categories? While you can control the view in a limited fashion as a user, what about an ability to do this at the administration level for overall site look and feel?

Take the lay out below. Say you want to keep "Primary category 1" expanded fully, have "Primary category 2" collapsed to show "Secondary categories 1 & 2", and have "Primary category 3" collapsed entirely?

Currently, the default view would have the entire forum branched out. You might want to control display depth for aesthetic reasons. Or say there were 10 forums (or more) per each category which created significant page load size?

Ideally, you would want to control this from Admin/Forum List. Failing that, what other short term alternatives might there be?

Does this make sense and might anybody be interested in tackling it?
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