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MailArc: create_disabled_user bug

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MailArc: create_disabled_user bug
I just got a bounce from a message sent to one of my maillists that uses MailArc to archive messages to GForum. The error in the bounce was:

Warning: Use of "localtime" without parens is ambiguous at
.../gforum/admin/Plugins/GForum/MailArc.pm line 540.
Plugins::GForum::MailArc (13842):
Error: Column Validation Code cannot be left blank. at
.../gforum/admin/Plugins/GForum/MailArc.pm line 158.

I'm not sure about the localtime error but it looks like MailArc has not been completely updated to work with the latest version of GForum. I believe the column user_val_code is relatively new and is required and MailArc does not try to set it when it creates a new user? So you need something like the following in MailArc around line 155:

$fields->{user_val_code} = ' ';

Let me know if I've got this right.

Michael Coyne
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