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Links, Forum, and Community

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Links, Forum, and Community
I asked this question before, but I don't think I ever go the answer I was looking for.

Is there a way to import and syncronize my forum software with links so there would be a forum category for each of my links categories?

- Jonathan
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Re: [jdgamble] Links, Forum, and Community In reply to

I believe yogi has a plugin that does something like that. Can't remember the name of it though.. sorry Unsure


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Links, Forum, and Community In reply to
Yes, I knew this; its called LinksForum Here is the link:


The demo he has posted does not work any more. I emailed yogi asking a few questions and did not get a reply. I'm scared to purchase the plugin if I might have trouble with it and I can't get the support I need. I do realize most of us here design our web sites on our FREE time.

Can anyone tell me what they think of the plugin? Any reviews, problems, comments? Any installed sites available?

Also, does anyone know, if I purchase the plugin, will I get an immediate download of it? Does it work well with links 3?

Any of these questions answered would be a great help.


- Jonathan