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How to make threads sink?

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How to make threads sink?

Is there an easy/Official way to make threads sink in forum_view over time rather than being raised to the top whenever they gain a new post? I.e. to give the option of changing the "Last Post" date column to be a "Post Date" one, thus ordering root posts of threads chronologically?

thanks in advance,

co-sysadmin; theonering.net
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Re: [Arathorn] How to make threads sink? In reply to
I've had a couple of requests for that as well.

If nobody posts a good answer, I can post a partial answer - I have a global variable that gets root posts out of the database in reverse-chron order (see http://www.wickedgood.info - the "new threads" are posted that way); I haven't had the time yet to play with extending it into the basic GF forum look and feel (although I suspect it wouldn't be too hard).