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Gossamer::Automate ?
I'm considering writing an LWP::UserAgent based OOP module that allows one to automate a set of Gossamer Forum tasks, to ease integration with other already created community sites.

The reason I'm thinking of doing this, rather than putting things directly into the database, is because I've done a lot of bot programming and find it easy to work with form automation- forms are kind of self-documenting APIs, and passing stuff through a well-written HTML form with data validation and sanity checking saves me from having to do all that crap myself. Why reinvent validation routines when it's already done by the talented folks of Gossamer Threads?

A couple example methods to give you an idea of the interface:

use Gossamer::Automate::Groups;
my $ga=Gossamer::Automate::Groups->new(


my $users=$ga->get_user_ids_from_group(
These methods will then call out to LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request::Common objects where appropriate.

I'd start with automated group management first, possibly moving on to other areas down the line.

Thoughts? I've already tested this on a rudimentary level and it works fine so far. Has someone done something like this already? Can I rely on the admin forms not to change too much between versions?
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Re: [dpuro] Gossamer::Automate ? In reply to
My very general understanding is that the admin interface will be completely changed for 2.0.0.

But the question is best addressed to Alex or one of the other developers.