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Global needed: Hot Threads in Date Range

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Global needed: Hot Threads in Date Range

I'm looking for a global that will output a list of the top 10 threads, as ranked by number of replies, in a date range of the last 1 and 3 days.
Additionally, would like to display the Hot threads for present and past months, and that will require a little different programming.

There have been a few Hot Threads globals posted here, but none of them will display a date limited range (last x minutes, or between 2 dates to get a monthly list).

<%GForum::Stats::posts_last(1w)%> will show posts in the last week...
Would highly appreciate any help on this.

These would output like this:

Hot Threads: Last 24hrs
post title 1 (90)
post title 2 (70)
post title 3 (45)

etc ...

Hot Threads: July
list here ...

Hot Threads: Aug
list here ...

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