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GForum to GMail Auth plugin

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GForum to GMail Auth plugin
I made a plugin Auth_GForum to allow my GForum users to login to GMail with one click from the forum header menu.

I modified the Auth_VBulletin plugin made by Scott Beck to work with GForum. I tried to use Community but could not get it to work correctly (because it is still beta), so I made my own solution (Auth_GForum) instead. This plugin installs in GMail and uses an authentication hook. I added a link in GForum include_header.html to the webmail.cgi

GForum users from selected groups are able to activate their own GMail account just by clicking the webmail link from the forum. The plugin determines the forum users user_id and login state based on their forum login cookie. They are given a sign up page that lets them fill out the mail demographics and activate their account the first time.

Users logged into the forum can access their mail account just by clicking on webmail.cgi link in the forum, it goes right to the inbox. If the user is not logged on the forum and clicks webmail.cgi, they get the forum login page. If a user is logged into the forum, but not in a user group set by the admin, the are redirected to a page (like a join our club page).

I also made a GForum plugin called GMailNewMessages to alert the forum users when they have unread messages in GMail. It requires my other plugin Auth_GForum already be installed. It is a modified version of a plugin made by Michael Coyne of seaturtle.org His script is PHP, mine is a Perl plugin for GForum. If you have unread email, you will be alerted in color red in a message on the forum header menu "PTCC WebMail 1 unread" , the number will be how many unread emails you have. You can click the link to go right to your inbox. If you do not have any unread email the link will just be "PTCC WebMail". If you are a PTCC member and have not activated your email account the link will be "PTCC WebMail New Feature". I will probably remove the new feature part after the forum users have seen it for 30 days or so.

My plugins are installed and working on my production server at www.ptcruiserclub.org/forums

The plugins are now ready and attached to my reply message

Michael J. Challis - CRUZN8R - PT Cruiser Club - http://www.ptcruiserclub.org


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