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Do these functions exist?

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Do these functions exist?
I've had a couple requests from my moderators for desired features. I thought I'd post them here to see if anyone has done them, or can help me with them.

1.) The ability to "hide" a post so that only moderators and admins can see it, within a public forum that all users have access to.

2.) The ability to make a specific forum private until a user has made 50 or more posts to contribute to the forums.

If anyone has done these or can assist me in implementing these, please let me know. I very much appreciate any help!

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I haven't played much with GForum especially lately, and I'm not sure about the first part, but your second part can "imitated" by using the Groups feature.

If you create a forum that is only accessible read/write/post/reply by members of "ACTIVE_USER" for example, and make the membership in ACTIVE_USERS contingent upon the number of users posts, you'd get the same effect.

You could do a small hook into the "post" routine, to check if a user is:

ACTIVE_USER = Yes if (! ACTIVE_USER and users.posts >= 50)

The reason to do it that way, is if the user is already an ACTIVE_USER you don't need to update their group membership, and it saves a huge amount of time on active boards.

Or, you could run a small cron job, every few hours, to update the database for every user where ACTIVE_USER = No and user.posts >= 50

The above is PSEUDO code, not real code, but it shows how it could be done, fairly easily.

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