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Detailed User Help/FAQ
We have started what we hope at some point will be a very detailed Help/Faq for our forum but it seems as we add more and more questions from our users and moderators it is going to be a pretty big project.

Our users are Outdoors people who are not typically as computer savvy as lets say a Programmers forum. So we do spend a lot of time covering items that could be handled with a detailed Help section.

We are looking for a detailed FAQ/HELP section that covers everything from how to use the "edit profile" features to a step by step on "clearing cookies", "setting screen resolution", and everything in-between.

Realizing the time that goes into something like this we would gladly pay for something that was fairly complete.

If no one has a really complete version of this perhaps we could all share notes on what we have now and come up with one? Although ours seems to be more of the Q's then the A's we would be willing to continue adding to it and making it available to everyone?

Mike H


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