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Admin -> no 'edited' in posts.

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Admin -> no 'edited' in posts.
I would like to be able remove the 'edited' when an admin or optionally a moderator edits a post.

I am a bit of a layout freak, and I find I often come back and add or change the content of my posts, which are mainly informational by nature. For example, lets say I have an on-going list, which is locked. I don't really need the 'edited' to be displayed at the bottom of the post, as everyone knows its an ongoing list.

This is a minor thing, so i'd be happy if it made it to the todo list at all :)

I think it could be done with <%if Username eq 'admin' etc but it might be nice to have it as an additional admin option.

Display_Edit_Admin [yes, no]
Display_Edit_Moderator [yes, no]


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