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A fatal error has occurred

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A fatal error has occurred

after i changed the 'login.html' template, the login function did not work anymore.
here is the message that i get when one tries to log in the forum :

A fatal error has occurred:

GT::SQL::Tree (9133): You did not pass any ID's to $tree->parents(). at GT::SQL::Tree::parents line 721.

i really don t know what to do. Crazy
if somebody can help ...Smile

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jigme: Feb 18, 2004, 9:31 AM
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Re: [jigme] A fatal error has occurred In reply to
What version of GForum is this? There was an error in 1.2.0 and previous versions that allowed you to add a forum with no category ID, which would then cause problems on the main index. Paste this URL into your browser, changing the 'www.example.com/path/to/gforum' with the correct information for your installation:


If there are any results, modify them and set a category for them.

Jason Rhinelander
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