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[ PLUGIN ] ProfileImages v1.3

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[ PLUGIN ] ProfileImages v1.3

This plugin will let you're members upload images into their profile, and automatically have them thumbnailed. GREAT for making a "personal image gallery", or anything that you want to shown pre-thumbnailed images for. Includes easy to use template tags, which grab the URL of the image (small, or full).

PRICE: $50 [ details ]

Demo: View Demo Here

You can test this plugin by adding your own image to your profile. Click here to edit your profile (requires you to be logged in), and then view your profile at: http://www.ultranerds.com/cgi-bin/gforum/gforum.cgi?username=YOUR_USERNAME , to see your thumbnailed image.

Plugin Description: This plugin will literally save you hours of manual image thumbnailing (possibly even days!). Simply pre-define the size of the image you want to use (i.e 100x100), and then if the submitted image is larger than this ... it will be thumbnailed to the closest size, and then written to small-name.gif, or similar.

There are 2 simple tags, which let you grab the URL to the original image (i.e not thumbnailed), and one for the thumbnailed image. This makes it REALLY simple to incorporate into your templates.

Plugin Requirements:
  • Gossamer Forum 1.2.3+
  • Image::Magick
  • Image::Size
  • Works from both the user signup/modify pages, as well as the admin side of things.
  • Easy thumbnailing of your visitors profile images.
  • 2 simple template tags.
  • You can use multiple image fields.
  • ...and more!
Upcoming Features:
  • Ability to add a border.

<< details >>

If you have any questions, please ask.


Andy (mod)
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