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Few Questions....Pre Sales

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Few Questions....Pre Sales

I have just tried this from freeautobot.com and indeed it is excellent.

I have GM and would be taking LSQL within next 4 weeks or so (with auth against GM as I would not want to go community way) . I would prefer to take AR subsequently, if it could have the following:
  • Authenticate against GM database.
  • Each Link in LSQL (which again is going to have it's authentication based on GM) automatically gets ONE (and only one by default ... though Admin Can Add More) AR account. And on the LSQL Detailed Page (or the page where the Link Navigates To On Being Clicked) has a Submit/Join/Signup for more information with the AR boxes placed by default for the Link Owner If There Is An AR Setup (by setup is meant that there are at least one Message added in the Message Control Center by the Link Owner).
  • Would it be possibly to set up a link to the AR Account in GM/LSQL interface passing on the template tags as all authentication is from GM database.

Possibly this may need some customization but I hope it is not going to make it unreachable for me.

Also, why is it that an HTML AR Message does not have the Footer Displayed when being viewed by GM user though the footer is very much there and becomes visible when replying the AR message in txt mode...Means that Footer is there but not visible when viewing from GM account (tested with HTML Mail Only).


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Re: [anup123] Few Questions....Pre Sales In reply to

The authentication would definitely involve a fair amount of custom work. You would need an authentication plugin for both Links SQL and Gossamer AutoRespond so that the program can authenticate off of Gossamer Mail. You would also need some custom work to hande the ar setup (and allowing multiple ar per account might be tricky).

I'll look into the footer problem.


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