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A few questions

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A few questions
Hi Alex:

I'm a happy owner of your links script and am interested in using AutoRespond.

Here are a few questions and hopes about the current (or future) release:

I need to allow each user to have multiple autoresponder accounts. Each would have its own set of messages. Ie, business #1 would have 3 autoresponders. (One for prospects, one of clients, one for owners of xxx). I'd rather not make the business sign in 3 different times. In addition, when someone needs to be "unsubscribed" it would be nice to not have to log into 3 accounts to find the email address. Can you support this?

Second, I didn't see an option for batch-entering leads into the system. Did I miss something?

Third, how is the unsubscribe processing handled? Is there a web interface for people to use to unsubscribe? Unsubscribes can be a real pain so I'm hoping there is an easy interface.


John Rydell
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Re: [jrydell] A few questions In reply to

Sorry about the late reply.

1. Currently we don't have the concept of different message streams per user. Right now each user only has one set of messages. This is a great idea though, and definately something we will look into adding.

2. Yes, we have it disabled in the demo.

3. Users can one click unsubscribe via email, or use a web form.


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